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Learn how to become an Elite Employment Recruiter or a Recruiting Employment Agency Owner in just a few weeks! 

Mentorship programs are offered virtually and in our Orlando, FL office! 

"Own Your Own Recruiting Agency"
  Mentorship Program

Enjoy the freedom of being a business owner with no degree or experience required. In this program we teach you about the tools and skills necessary to own your own employment agency. Whether you decide to work alone or build a team, the earning possibilities are endless.

With our proven methods, anyone from the busy mom, the construction worker or the software developer can own and operate their own employment agency. 

In this mentorship program, you'll receive expert coaching, tools to attract and retain clients & candidates, tips for continued success and so much more! Increasing your abilities to make 6+ figures in profit!

As mentioned , the need for recruiters is in very high demand. The difference between this program and the recruiter program is that there is no "middle man" between the hires you make and the money you earn. Plus, you have the freedom to work wherever you want.

Have to pick the kiddos up from school, need to run to the store, want to work late, want to work at the coffee shop or even on a vacation in Bali? Well, as a business owner you will have the freedom to do just that!


As a recruiter, most companies will pay you either salary or salary + commission and the big winner in this scenario is the company. In most cases, they are receiving a commission from the clients they are hiring for and giving you a percentage of that.

As an agency owner you will get 100% of the earnings that you request from your clients. No "middle man". Just you, your hard work and YOUR reward $$$. 

So if you are ready to get started. Click the link below. 


"Become a Recruiter" Mentorship Program

There are over 200,000+ unfilled jobs today in the US across every employment sector. With a growing number of openings, the need for recruiters to source, vet, interview, process and hire candidates is extremely high. 
That's where you come in!


During the mentorship program we will teach you the skills needed to become an Elite Recruiter, give you tools for continued success and extended coaching so that you can be successful in your role and  land the perfect job! 

With the average salary for a recruiter being $50,000- $110,000 (sometimes plus commission), you will have the potential to increase your current salary and enjoy the freedom of working from home or office for the company of your choice. 

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Our previous mentees are currently servicing top companies like: 

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